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29 October, 2009

A Meeting of Minds in Mati for the RPTACP Contract Signing

By George Walter Misa, Business Director for Mindanao

Tuesday, 29 September 2009, was one pleasant though hot day in Southern Mindanao. So totally different from the frightening climate in Metro Manila in the weekend that had just passed, a weekend to be forever etched in the minds and hearts of living Filipinos for its tragedy. We were in the City of Mati, in the Province of Davao Oriental – Amellar CEO, Manny Tabunda and I, George Walter Misa –we were a world away from Manila.  We had traveled in three hours the one hundred and fifty kilometers of straight, lowland highways and zigzagging mountainous roads between Mati and Davao City. We were to meet with Mayor Michelle Nakpil Rabat of Mati for the formal signing of the contract that would award to Amellar Solutions the Real Property Tax Administration Computerization Project (RPTACP) of the local government.  We were looking forward to a happy and eventful day. We were not disappointed.

mati 10292009 1 A Meeting of Minds in Mati for the RPTACP Contract Signing

Mayor Michelle Nakpil Rabat and Amellar CEO Manuel S. Tabunda

mati 10292009 3 A Meeting of Minds in Mati for the RPTACP Contract Signing

Mati Contract Signing. (From left to right, standing) Ludivina T. Mas, Executive Asst., Office of the Mayor; Narcisa C. Reancho, City Budget Officer; Rogelio V. Lemente, City Assessor; George W. Misa, Business Development Director for Mindanao, Amellar Solutions; Aloma S. Serafin, City Treasurer; Romeo S. Roque, City Accountant; Engr. Zenaida Macarayan, BAC member; Jocelyn C. Ahat, BAC member; Ma. Leticia R. Como, BAC Secretariat; Ma. Maya E. Ferer, BAC Secretariat; Anecita H. Uy, City Planning Officer; Alexander Sebellino, BPLO Staff; Richard L. Villacorte, Administrator. Seated: Mayor Michelle N. Rabat and Manuel S. Tabunda.

After a hearty lunch of fresh tuna and other seafoods at Seaside Restaurant which, as I described to Manny with nostalgia, used to be right at the edge of the sea before the area was reclaimed and turned into “The Baywalk,” we proceeded to City Hall nearby. At exactly 1:30 in the afternoon, we were ushered into the large but simply, almost sparsely, furnished office of the honorable Mayor. Mayor Michelle, as she is called, greeted us with a warm smile that was enough to captivate any visitor. We immediately felt at home (a great sign for any project about to be implemented). Light moments with the Mayor followed, with Manny engaging her in animated conversation. Pretty and with regal bearing, the charming Mayor then proceeded to call the department heads, who had gathered at the Mayor’s Office, over to her huge desk to witness the signing of the document. She motioned Manny to take his place on the seat beside her. The two then signed the contract in a burst of applause, signaling the start not only of the Real Property Tax Administration Computerization Project or RPTACP but the start of the journey of the Mati Local Government itself, into the world of computerization and modernization – onward to a more responsive, more efficient, more productive local governance – all wired-up to the world at large.

mati 10292009 2 A Meeting of Minds in Mati for the RPTACP Contract Signing

RPTACP Contract Signing

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