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29 May, 2008

Better than Ever: Tagaytay’s Computerization Upgrade Receives an Award

The City of Tagaytay, one of the country‚Äôs favorite tourist and vacation spots, has progressed greatly in recent years.¬† Also known as a ‚ÄúCity of Character,‚ÄĚ the City‚Äôs officials have been relentlessly campaigning to instill good moral character among its citizens while working twice as hard to improve the economic and financial conditions of the City.

Among local government units, Tagaytay is a favorite lakbay aral destination not just because of its peaceful and relaxing scenic spots but more for its successful e-government implementations.  Its revenue-related ICT implementations have been studied and replicated many times over by LGUs throughout the country, even by the Philippines’ biggest cities, Davao and Manila.

Tagaytay’s successful e-government implementations are the product of its partnership with Amellar Solutions since 2000.  This partnership immediately brought dramatic results:

‚Äʬ†Increased total Taxable Assessed Value (TAV) from PhP4 billion in 2000, to PhP11.4 billion in 2001.
‚Äʬ†Increased identified delinquencies, from PhP 9.1 million, to PhP164 million covering only three years.
‚Äʬ†Identified around PhP 141 Million in collectibles from the Top 1,000 delinquent accounts or nearly 86% of the total delinquencies.
‚Äʬ†Established that 79% of Tagaytay RPUs are owned by non-residents, which make up 74% of the total number of owners.¬† Their properties account for 94% of the TAV in the whole of Tagaytay.

The City was able to maintain a 30% annual average in revenue increases using the Amellar system from 2001 to 2007.¬† And Tagaytay is so pleased that its hardware and applications only began to show wear and tear after eight long years of reliable and practically uninterrupted service.¬† In the last quarter of 2007, it decided to upgrade its applications hardware to keep up with the latest ICT technology available in the market ‚Äď not only to maintain its leadership in e-government success among LGUs ‚Äď but more importantly to sustain and further improve its revenue generation capacity to support the City‚Äôs development initiatives.¬† And in this upgrade project, Tagaytay of course only had one choice for its e-government partner ‚Äď Amellar Solutions.

The Business Permits and Licensing System (BPLS) was launched in January 2008 after a month of migration and upgrade activities.  Amellar’s latest BPLS version is already in the Graphical User Interface (GUI) format and runs in a faster and more stable Oracle-Linux engine.  The new and improved Amellar BPLS application contains many additional features and management reports, which are the product of Amellar’s non-stop reseach and development to ensure that our partners enjoy the latest and most effective leading-edge technologies.

The City implemented the new BPLS system together with Amellar‚Äôs process reengineering recommendations, and its taxpayers immediately experienced even better and faster service in the assessment and payment of business taxes, and the issuance and release of permits.¬† This exceptional service quality did not escape the attention of the Civil Service Commission.¬† Unknown to the City, volunteers and key personnels of the Civil Service Commission ‚Äď Region IV discreetly monitored the services of many LGUs and government agencies during the peak period of business tax payments.¬† In recognition of its ‚Äúvery good services,‚ÄĚ Tagaytay‚Äôs Business Permits and Licensing Office was given an award by the CSC on May 12, 2008.¬† The City Administrator, Engr. Greg Monreal formally received the award on behalf of the City.

8 b pic1 651 Better than Ever: Tagaytay’s Computerization Upgrade Receives an Award

Tagaytay recognizes the key role of Amellar in successfully implementing the computerized BPLS system, from its original version in 2000 to the upgraded version in 2008.  Tagaytay and Amellar are now focusing on upgrading the Real Property Tax Administration (RPTA) system to adopt, if not surpass the success of the BPLS system.

8 b pic2 515 Better than Ever: Tagaytay’s Computerization Upgrade Receives an Award

As its e-government partner, Amellar is proud of Tagaytay’s achievement.  We consider Tagaytay as one of Amellar’s most successful partners in making e-government a reality.  Tagaytay has been reaping the phenomenal benefits of computerization as a result of the vision and commitment of its leaders, the hard work and dedication of its employees to excellent public service, and its partnership with Amellar.

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