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22 August, 2007

RPTA Training for Trainers: A First for Amellar

In response to the needs of its clients, Amellar Solutions introduced for the first time in all its RPTA Project implementation a special “Training for Trainers”. This is in lieu of the creation of the “Trainor’s Group”, one of four (4) groups organized within the City Government of Davao at the onset of the project implementation.

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The Trainor’s Group is composed of personnel from the Office of the Assessor and Treasurer, and the Human Resources Department. As with the other three (3) groups, the Trainor’s Group was purposely created to empower the City Government.

7 b District Treas 574 RPTA Training for Trainers: A First for Amellar

With the Trainor’s Group, the City Government of Davao will now have a pool of people coming from within their organization to teach end-users on how to use the system, and even how to troubleshoot procedural concerns. This would give the end-users security because people from within their organization are ready to attend to their needs. Also, the presence of in-house trainors would really give the City a sense of ownership for the Project.

Last July 31-Aug 15, 2007, Amellar Solutions conducted the twelve-day training for the members of the Trainor’s Group. Eleven (11) participants coming from the City and District Assessor’s Office, the City and District Treasurer’s Office and the Human Resources Department attended the said training.

Amellar made sure that the Trainer-trainees would be thoroughly equipped for training end-users in the future. That’s why they undertook a rigorous training that did not just include the training on the usage of the system but also on RPTA history, Legal Principles and E-Governance. They were also given an overview of Amellar’s Data Capture and Cleansing Methodologies, Records Deficiency and how to encode such records, and Presentation Skills Techniques.

From Aug 13-14, the Trainer-trainees put their new skills to the test through hands-on practice sessions. A written exam was also administered to them. And to cap off the training, Amellar facilitated a workshop on Aug 15 for the re-designing of the Training approach for RPTA. Divided into two (2) groups, the Trainer-trainees brainstormed on how to custom-tailor the Training Design employed by Amellar, to meet the needs of the City Government of Davao.

Manny Tabunda, Amellar CEO, Arlene Gella, Amellar VP, Tricia Oriel, Assistant to the SSD Manager, Rowena De Vera, Systems Support Specialist, and Moises Laroco, Data Specialist, delivered the various modules in the Training.

Participants from the City Government of Davao are as follows: Treasurer’s Office: Marres Garol, Malou Golingan, Reynaldo Gunabe, Marianne Lopoz, Jesus Miranda, Victor Jesus Ranada, Rico Pableo, Rodelio Velos; Assessor’s Office: Teresita Manungas, Gesiela Yumang; Human Resources Department: Isaac Nacilla.

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