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On April 9-11, 2008, selected representatives from the Cities of Tarlac and Lipa, and the Municipalities of Kalibo and Sablayan, underwent the Amellar Basic System Administrators’ Training. A total of 23 participants attended the training. Read more »

At the first working day of 2008, online implementation of Davao’s Amellar RPTA system went full blast.  The online implementation was preceded by months of preparation such as database construction, training, policy consultations and adjustments, planning workshops with City officers, and test-runs – which were jointly conducted by Davao and Amellar staff.  The online RPTA system processes realty tax payments and assessment transactions from thousands of taxpayers, -faster, better, and with more accuracy and transparency. Read more »

As part of the Aklan Revenue Generation Computerization Project (ARGCP), selected staff from the offices of the Treasurer and Assessor of the Provincial Government of Aklan, Municipalities of Kalibo, Malay, and New Washington, underwent the RPTA Refresher Training on February 12-15, 2008. Read more »

As business owners rush to Tagaytay City Hall to renew their business permits or apply for new businesses, Amellar worked hand in hand with Tagaytay staff (January 2-22) to ensure a smooth and hassle-free service starting from business application to billing and payment. Although Tagaytay has been online since 2003, it is only this year that they are implementing the upgraded and newest version of Amellar BPLS-GUI. Read more »

Amellar worked closely with the officers and staff of Urdaneta City’s Assessor and Treasurer’s offices to implement the Computerized General Revision (GR) of Real Property Assessments Project. Read more »

As part of the Davao City Real Property Tax Administration Computerization Project (DCRPTACP), selected staff from the offices of the City Treasurer, Assessor, and Accountant, underwent the training for RPTA System Administrators on December 3-6, 2007. Read more »

In connection with the Software Application Upgrade and Database Migration Project of Tarlac City, Amellar delivered the Users’ Training Module for RPTA & BPLS end-users from 20-23 November (RPTA) and 27-29 (BPLS), at the Arts & Trades Gallery, Tarlac City Hall. Read more »

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