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For the second time around, Amellar conducted the Advanced Training for System Administrators. This is an advanced course covering topics on relational database management system (RDBMS) concepts, major tables or transaction tables of the RPTS, Standard Query Language/SQL, and basic SQL statements, among others. Read more »

As taxpayers flock to Tagaytay City to pay for their realty taxes, apply for or renew their businesses, and pay for miscellaneous fees, Amellar monitored operations involving the Amellar systems to ensure the delivery of a smooth and hassle-free taxpayer service. Amellar staff Tricia Oriel, Sr Partner Support Analyst, and Sheryll Sale, Software Engineer, worked hand in hand with Tagaytay staff from January 12-16, 19-20, 2009 and continues to provide offsite support, as necessary. Read more »

After the online implementation of the Business Permits and Licensing System in August 2008, Malolos City looks forward to the online implementation of the FMPM Real Property Tax Administration and GIS for Tax  Mapping systems this December 2008. Read more »

As Malolos City’s committed e-government partner, Amellar presented the latest status of the Fiscal Modernization Program of Malolos City (FMPM) to the Project Management Board last October 14, 2008 at the City Mayor’s Office.  Specifically, Amellar presented the Final Report for the BPLS System, and the latest on the RPTA and GIS Systems.
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In line with Tagaytay City’s Revenue Systems Upgrade and Migration Project, Amellar Solutions conducted a series of Capacity-building training for BPLS, MRS, and RPTA end users of the City, as follows: Read more »

On July 21, 2008, Tagaytay City launched its upgraded RPTA and BPLS Systems along with the new Miscellaneous Revenues System (MRS). A formal launching ceremony was held during the City Government’s flag ceremony which was witnessed by Tagaytay City officials and staff, Tagaytay residents, and Amellar Solutions. Read more »

As part of the implementation plan for the Fiscal Modernization Project of Malolos project, Amellar conducted a series of focus group discussions on May 20-21 2008 to facilitate the sharing of information between Amellar’s Project Management Team and Malolos’ department heads from the Offices of the Assessor and Treasurer, and prospective system users. Read more »

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