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After completing the general revision of assessments (GRA) for land properties in 2008, Davao now embarks on the GRA of building properties. As before, Amellar Solutions is instrumental in this activity as it will again provide the technology, training, and technical assistance in project management and monitoring. Read more »

Nasugbu once again partnered with Amellar Solutions for the computerized general revision of all real property assessments (CGRRPA) in the municipality. Read more »

After almost 10 years in operation, the City of Urdaneta decided to upgrade its 1999-vintage Amellar RPTA (CLI version) to the newest Amellar RPTA GUI-version in Linux/Oracle platforms.  The project was awarded in May 2009, and also involves the migration of the existing RPTA Informix-based database to Oracle. Read more »

True to their slogan “Binan in Progress”, in May 2009, the Municipality of Binan awarded the upgrading of its RPTA system into the latest Oracle 11g platform, and acquired the Amellar Revenue Collection System or aRCs, a point-of-sale system for miscellaneous fees. Read more »

Since 2000, Biñan has been successfully using ICT to improve local revenue collections.  However, due to new technologies, obsolescence, and wear and tear of the original hardware after more than 9 nine years of continuous and productive use, Biñan’s original Amellar RPTA system is long overdue for an upgrade. Read more »

On May 7, 2009, the Project Management Board for the Fiscal Modernization Project of Malolos City (FMPM) convened for the presentation of the FMPM Final Report by Amellar. The Final Report, which was submitted on schedule in March 2009, contains the complete project documentation, from inception to the current post-online implementation. Read more »

In a bid to maximize the benefits of their existing Amellar RPTA system, the Municipal Government of Angono, Rizal sent four representatives of the Municipal Assessor’s Office to the RPTA – Assess Module Users’ Training. Read more »

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