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Honored as the region’s leading LGU in Real Property Tax Collection efficiency, Mati City, through the leadership of Mayor Michelle Rabat, is again setting fine standards in revenue collection and quality of public service by integrating Information Communication Technology and Real Property Tax Administration (RPTA). Read more »

On December 7-15, 2009 Mati’s staff from the Assessor’s and Treasurer’s Offices completed the two-part Amellar RPTA Users’ Training at the Patrol 117 building within the Mati City Hall Compound. Read more »

Official Launch
Although it drizzled over the weekend, there was no trace of rain on Monday, November 23, 2009 during the official launch of the Biñan RPTA© Upgrade and Migration Project with Database Cleansing, aRCs©, and aSREs©.  This is another successful project of Amellar for 2009. Read more »

Amellar presented its Inception Report to the Mati City Project Management Board in connection with the ongoing RPTA Computerization Project last November 10, 2009. Highlighted in the report are some policy issues that were raised during the series of discussions with the offices of the City Assessor and City Treasurer. Read more »

Since 1994, Amellar is instrumental in revolutionizing Philippine Local Governance through the use of information and communication technology to yield such benefits as improved administrative efficiency, enhanced transparency and accountability, better public service and higher revenues among others. Read more »

On 21-22 October 2009, the much awaited Campaigns 2010 was unveiled at the World Trade Center. Campaigns 2010 is the third installation from a series of events organized by Publicus starting in 2004. Read more »

By George Walter Misa, Business Director for Mindanao

Tuesday, 29 September 2009, was one pleasant though hot day in Southern Mindanao. So totally different from the frightening climate in Metro Manila in the weekend that had just passed, a weekend to be forever etched in the minds and hearts of living Filipinos for its tragedy. Read more »

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