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12 July, 2011

Tarlac’s GRA made easy thru Amellar RPTA

On May 25, 2011, Amellar and the City Assessor’s Office (CAO) successfully ran the automated General Revision of Assessment (GRA) process, including cleansing, using the Amellar RPTA© System. They were able to revise the assessments of a total of 114,035 RPUs with P8.87 billion in taxable assessed value (TAV), a 54% increase from the previous year’s P 4.8 billion TAV. This translates to P133 million in taxes due for 2012 and a 46% increase in current year collectible next year.

tarlac 07122011 3 Tarlacs GRA made easy thru Amellar RPTA

Tarlac's GRA Made Easy Thru Amellar RPTA©

This was made possible when Honorable Mayor Ace Manalang permitted the implementation of Resolution 262 which approves the updating of the city’s schedule of fair market values. Considering that Tarlac City has not implemented GRA since 1985, there has been minimal increase in annual current year collectible for the last decade or so. Moreover, the rapid economic developments in the city these recent years have not only outdated the city’s existing real property assessments but also spurred an urgency to update the fair market values of the 114,000+ RPUs in a fast and efficient manner.

tarlac 07122011 2 Tarlacs GRA made easy thru Amellar RPTA

Tarlac's GRA Made Easy Thru Amellar RPTA©

Recognizing the integral role of ICT for the said endeavor, Tarlac City partnered with Amellar to conduct the city’s first ever Computerized GRA. Amellar, in close cooperation with the CAO, began the implementation in February 2011 with initial activities such as system study and stabilization of data, hardware and software. From March through April, core GRA activities which include training, SFMV entry, relocation, and validation were conducted. As goodwill to the city, Amellar also performed first-level data cleansing to purge cancelled records from the database. This culminated in a two day running of the GR module from May 24 to 25.

tarlac 07122011 1 Tarlacs GRA made easy thru Amellar RPTA

Tarlac's GRA Made Easy Thru Amellar RPTA©

To make sure that the city’s taxpayers are well informed and well-adjusted with these changes, the Assessor’s Office is working double time to finish printing the Notices of Assessment and Tax Declaration by July 31, 2011 so they may be able to send these documents to all taxpayers.

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