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1 December, 2009

Biñan Gears up to Increase Revenues

Official Launch
Although it drizzled over the weekend, there was no trace of rain on Monday, November 23, 2009 during the official launch of the Biñan RPTA© Upgrade and Migration Project with Database Cleansing, aRCs©, and aSREs©.  This is another successful project of Amellar for 2009. The beautiful morning perfectly capped six months of rigorous project activities in close cooperation with the officers and staff of Biñan, including training, policy consultations, system customizations, planning workshops, and test-runs.

binan 11232009 launch 1 Biñan Gears up to Increase Revenues

Biñan Gears up to Increase Revenues

Staged during the regular Monday-flag ceremony of Biñan officials and staff, the launch aims to communicate the objectives of the project to internal and external stakeholders, and recognize the participants who completed the various project-related training.

binan 11232009 launch 2 Biñan Gears up to Increase Revenues

Biñan Gears up to Increase Revenues

After the National Anthem and the “Panunumpa ng Kawani ng Gobyerno”, Tricia Oriel, Amellar’s Partner Support Analyst and Project Manager was introduced by Mr. Romualdo Garcia, the Municipal Administrator.  Tricia gave a short speech about the Project’s scope and profusely thanked the officials and staff of Biñan, especially the Honorable Mayor Marlyn Alonte-Naguiat, Honorable Vice Mayor Walfredo Dimaguila Jr, Mr. Romualdo Garcia, Treasurer Angelito Alonalon, Assessor Danilo Arzola.  Ms. Arlene Gella, Amellar Executive Vice President, Efren De Guzman and Erly De Guzman, Production Coordinators, who played instrumental roles throughout the project implementation, were also present.

binan 11232009 launch 3 Biñan Gears up to Increase Revenues

Biñan Gears up to Increase Revenues

Amellar and Mayor Alonte-Naguiat then awarded the certificates to all training participants.  A total of 41 Biñan officers and staff proudly received training certificates for successfully completing the courses on RPTA, aSREs, aRCs, Image Management, Basic System Administration, and Encoder’s Training.

binan 11232009 launch 4 Biñan Gears up to Increase Revenues

Biñan Gears up to Increase Revenues

Final Report
At 9:30 am, Amellar presented the Final Report at the Mayor’s Office.  The Report is a full documentation of the project, including Amellar’s recommendations for Biñan’s consideration.  Despite her busy schedule, Mayor Alonte-Naguiat attentively sat through Tricia’s presentation, which covered a quick run-through of the project schedule, components and accomplishments. 

binan 11232009 launch 5 Biñan Gears up to Increase Revenues

Biñan Gears up to Increase Revenues

Under Amellar’s supervision, the following were completed during the six-month implementation period:

1. Hardware and software delivery
2. Database scanning, cleansing, and tagging
3. Scanned 42,245 manual tax declarations and 74,653 RPTARs
4. Trimmed schedules from 3,083 to 816 valid schedules
5. Cleansed 4,136 having invalid schedules
6. Identified 787 records for cancellation
7. Edited 44,647 accounts and corrected 14 duplicate accounts
8. Cleansed 1,371 RPUs with co-owner data
9. 6 training modules
10. System customizations
11. One-year technical support from September 2, 2009- 2010 (ongoing)

In Biñan and elsewhere, Amellar is committed not only to providing the best technology, we also emphasize process reengineering, improving citizen services, and facilitating revenue increases. To help Biñan achieve and sustain the project objectives, Amellar submitted the following major recommendations:

1. Improve Database Integrity
2. Leverage Amellar RPTA System to Strengthen Real Property Tax Collections
3. Strengthen Biñan’s RPTA Organization
4. Strengthen RPTA Management and Implementation
5. Implement Change Management and Communication Activities
6. Keep tab of latest developments in technology

The Final Report was turned over to Mayor Alonte-Naguiat, Vice Mayor Dimaguila Jr, Treasurer Angelito Alonalon, Assessor Danilo Arzola, and other officials present, including Mr. Virgilio Dimaranan, Municipal Accountant, and Mr. Eric Sotelo, Municipal Information Officer.

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