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4 November, 2009

Manny Tabunda Talks about On-Demand Politics at Campaigns 2010 Seminar Series

On 21-22 October 2009, the much awaited Campaigns 2010 was unveiled at the World Trade Center. Campaigns 2010 is the third installation from a series of events organized by Publicus starting in 2004.

Aside from targeting prospective candidates and political officers, the event also aims to open the minds of the voting public to embrace new trends in conducting campaigns and voting such as the use of technology (e.g. Internet, SMS, elections systems). Most significantly, since the 2010 elections will be conducted ONLINE.

campaigns09 10212009 1 Manny Tabunda Talks about On Demand Politics at Campaigns 2010 Seminar Series

Campaigns 2010 Seminar Series

Various technology providers and campaign suppliers were invited. Among the most prominent in the booth exhibits is the presence of Smartmatics and Comelec. The seminar topics revolve on campaigning effectively by using the right tools and trends. Other topics were informational, in terms of applicable laws, surveys and even a 2010 fearless forecast was provided.

Among these topics was the seminar conducted by Amellar CEO, Manny Tabunda, who is not only a CEO of the leading integrated ICT solutions provider for local governments in the Philippines, but also an internationally recognized expert in LGUs, having authored three major published works on the Local Government Code of 1991. He has provided extensive consulting services to the late former President – Corazon C. Aquino and former President – Fidel V. Ramos.

In the said seminar, Manny Tabunda gave prospective candidates and the voting public an alternative choice in doing campaigns by introducing “On-Demand Politics”.

His talk started by stating that “every election has different campaigns and every campaign has different needs.” By that opening statement he said that the success of the Obama campaign in the 2008 US election proved that the role of Technology “emerged as a significant tool for campaigning”.

campaigns09 10212009 2 Manny Tabunda Talks about On Demand Politics at Campaigns 2010 Seminar Series

Manny Tabunda Talks about On-Demand Politics

His seminar was backed up with statistics that we, Filipinos are indeed ready for technology. We can certainly adapt in the digital world as we ranked 1st in social networking, ranked 4th in writing blogs, ranked 2nd in reading blogs, and ranked 1st again in terms of photo sharing.

With the increasing numbers on how the population of Filipinos in the Internet grew, it is certainly an opportunity for advertisers, or even our “would be” officials to advertise themselves. Using the Internet is not just practical – costing less but also effective in reaching more people across the globe, targeting local voters and the OFWs as well.

Unlike traditional media, wherein ads are timed or spots are limited, On-Demand Politics are available 24×7. It not only combines the power of print, audio, and visuals but more importantly, it lets people INTERACT. It is so powerful that people across the country congregate without having to meet physically. This is very important in campaign organizations as emphasized by Mr. Tabunda.

campaigns09 10212009 3 Manny Tabunda Talks about On Demand Politics at Campaigns 2010 Seminar Series

Manny Tabunda Talks about On-Demand Politics

To have an effective On-Demand Politics, he cited and categorized these into three “must haves”: Construct, Manage and Communicate.

He also showed how our “presidentiables” are taking advantage of On-Demand Politics as they all have web presence and has been advertising themselves in various sites and social networks. He cited that among the candidates, the Senator, Francis “Chiz” Escudero has the most number of websites, having a total of ten (10). His web presence is very strong, since aside from web sites, he is also taking advantage of social networking and video sharing. He may also be the only candidate with a web portal that can be accessed securely by his various supporters. His portal displays an effective On-Demand Politics of having the capability of constructing, managing and communicating.

Mr. Tabunda ended also by stressing that Technology “can do many things to campaigns but it surely can’t win elections.” We should not forget that the purpose of technology – a “tool” to fasten, improve, change, re-engineer our ways or activities but it cannot surely be relied upon to run the whole campaign or replace us. It is our step ahead or an advantage but not enough to achieve the goal, technology still needs our “thinking minds” and our “steering hands” to effectively use it as a tool in our campaign to succeed in converting votes to win an election.

For more information on these topics,
download and read his presentation here >>> Politics on Demand.

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