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9 February, 2009

Amellar Hand-in-Hand with Tagaytay for 2009 Online

As taxpayers flock to Tagaytay City to pay for their realty taxes, apply for or renew their businesses, and pay for miscellaneous fees, Amellar monitored operations involving the Amellar systems to ensure the delivery of a smooth and hassle-free taxpayer service. Amellar staff Tricia Oriel, Sr Partner Support Analyst, and Sheryll Sale, Software Engineer, worked hand in hand with Tagaytay staff from January 12-16, 19-20, 2009 and continues to provide offsite support, as necessary.

From January 2-20, 2009, the Amellar RPTA system was used extensively in the production of billings or statements of account and payments. A total of 13,254 billings or statements of account have been issued through the system. For the same period, 5,067 online/offline payments for 6,426 real property units (RPUs) were coursed through the Amellar RPTA system, bringing total collections to PhP43.9 million, an PhP8 million increase from last year’s collection of PhP35.9 million for the same period. There were also 21 compromise agreements, one of the many new features in the upgraded version, transacted in the system from July 21, 2008 to January 20, 2009. A total of 205 real property assessments transacted in the RPTA system (Transfer, Consolidation, Subdivision, Reclassification and the like) for the same period.

Using the upgraded Amellar Business Permits and Licensing System, 42 new businesses applications, 691 renewals, and 10 partial/full business retirements were processed from January 2-20, 2009. Tagaytay registered a total of PhP13.3 million in business revenues, an increase of PhP300,000 from last year’s PhP13.0 million collection for the same period.

Using reports generated from Amellar Miscellaneous Revenues System, total collections from January 2-20, 2009 were registered at PhP3.6 million.

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