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22 August, 2008

Tagaytay Staff Undergoes End Users’ Training

In line with Tagaytay City’s Revenue Systems Upgrade and Migration Project, Amellar Solutions conducted a series of Capacity-building training for BPLS, MRS, and RPTA end users of the City, as follows:
December 17-19, 2007 :  BPLS
July 3-15, 2008  :  Trainors’ Training
July 4, 2008  :  MRS
July 7-9, 2008  :  RPTA-Assessment
July 9-11, 2008  :  RPTA-Collection
July 15, 2008  :  Reports Conversion & Generation Training

8 b pic2 433 Tagaytay Staff Undergoes End Users Training

The training were done in preparation for the online implementation scheduled on July 21, 2008. Practice Sessions were also conducted to further enhance the skills of the end-users:
July 16, 2008, morning :  Reports Conversion & Generation
July 16, afternoon :  MRS
July 17-18  :  RPTA

8 b pic1 444 Tagaytay Staff Undergoes End Users Training

The training was headed by Arlene Gella, Amellar EVP, Tricia Oriel, Sr Partner Support Analyst, Michelle Ugaban, Partner Support Analyst, Michelle Sanglay, and Sheryll Sale, Software Engineer.

8 b pic22 787 Tagaytay Staff Undergoes End Users Training

The participants are as follows:
Trainors: City Assessor’s Office – Marcos Noel Cortez, George Bayhon; City Treasurer’s Office – Heneroso Jimeno; EDP – Rubilinda Pereňa
BPLS: CTO – Elisa Amora, Cecil Quilao; BPLO – Regina Lalap, Mila Fernandez; CPDO – Redel Cortez
RPTA-Assessment: CAO – Ofelia Angcaya, Sonia Torres, Susana Penales, Eva Villanueva, Dorothy Mojica
RPTA-Collection: CTO – Carolina Jorge, Josephine Caraan, Mary Ann Guanezo
Reports Conversion & Generation: CAO – Julieta Biscocho, Lourdes Esguerra; CTO – Carolina Jorge, Mary Ann Guanezo.

8 b pi3 427 Tagaytay Staff Undergoes End Users Training
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