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22 August, 2008

Malolos FMPM: Focused Group Discussion

As part of the implementation plan for the Fiscal Modernization Project of Malolos project, Amellar conducted a series of focus group discussions on May 20-21 2008 to facilitate the sharing of information between Amellar’s Project Management Team and Malolos’ department heads from the Offices of the Assessor and Treasurer, and prospective system users.

8 b DSCF2977 147 Malolos FMPM: Focused Group Discussion

The FGDs took place at the Malolos City Conference Room, and started with the introduction of Amellar’s FMPM implementation team, which is composed of Cristy Palma, Project Manager, Allan Javier, Mel Virgo, Efren De Guzman, Elvin Matabang, Vincent Vicente, Eric Memoracion, Godfrey Edra, Moises Laroco, and Roy Salvador.  Arlene Gella, Amellar EVP for Partner Support and Special Concerns, facilitated the FGDs.

8 b DSCF2973 973 Malolos FMPM: Focused Group Discussion

The first FGD was with the officers and staff of the City Assessor’s Office.  City Assesssor, Leonora A. Resolis, discussed the CAO’s daily assessment transactions, such transfer of ownership, subdivision, consolidation, re-classification, re-assessment, discovery, cancellation, and demolition.  Also discussed were other administrative functions of the CAO, such as the appraisal of buildings, issuance of various certifications (e.g., true copies, no improvement, no property, FAAS, etc.), recording/updating/binding of records, appeal process, and so on.  The CAO workflow of operations was also discussed in detail, and questions regarding the policies and procedures on record maintenance were clarified.

8 b DSCF2994 603 Malolos FMPM: Focused Group Discussion

The second FGD was with the staff from the CTO, namely: Ms. Crispina Salazar, Mr. Felix Yagman and Ms. Anna Marie Reyes.  The various daily transactions of the CTO, and the workflow process were also discussed, and clarifications on the manual and automated systems policies and procedures were also made.

8 b DSCF3027 587 Malolos FMPM: Focused Group Discussion

The third FGD involved the BPLS and included participants from the CTO and the Mayor’s Office, namely, Ms. Mellany Catangual, Ms Erika Santos, Ms. Heidi Vendivil, and Ms. Neneth Nicolas.  The main topics were the BPLS Assess and Collect transactions, workflow processes involving the two offices, and current policies and procedures.

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