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25 June, 2008

Upgrade and Migration Project Kicks Off at Tagaytay

To mark the beginning of the Application Upgrade and Database Migration Project of the City’s RPTA, BPLS, and MRS Systems, Amellar hosted a kick-off meeting with Tagaytay staff and officials at the Tagaytay FNT Hall on June 11, 2008. The Project involves the upgrade and migration of the existing RPTA and BPL systems, and the installation of the Miscellaneous Revenues System.  Based on the proposed timeline, project implementation will run for two months, from the second week of June up to first week of August.

8 b picture1 910 Upgrade and Migration Project Kicks Off at Tagaytay

After a brief introduction and briefing from Engr. Greg Monreal, concurrent City Administrator and Assessor, the staff from Amellar and Tagaytay who are involved in the implementation of the Project were formally introduced to one another.  Amellar then gave a brief overview of the Project – its coverage, objectives, timeline and action plan.  Amellar also demonstrated the major features of the upgraded RPTA, BPLS, MRS, and GIS Applications.

8 b pic2 446 Upgrade and Migration Project Kicks Off at Tagaytay

The Tagaytay staff and officials who attended the kick-off are the following:
Admin Office: Engr. Greg Monreal, Jonna Dimapilis; CTO: Cristina Casalme, Heneroso Jimeno, Carolina Jorge, Alex Mendoza; CAO: Abiver Anacay, George Bayhon, Noel Cortez, Dorotea P. Mojica, Gloria Penales, Sonia Torres, Eva Villanueva; BPLO: Milagros Fernandez, Regina Lalap; CPDO: Redel Cortez

8 b pic1 314 Upgrade and Migration Project Kicks Off at Tagaytay

From Amellar:
Trixia Belocura, Multimedia Design Group Head; Rachelle Consul, Marketing Manager; Arlene Gella, Executive VP for Partner Support and Special Concerns; Allan Javier, SDD Manager; Tricia Oriel, Sr Partner Support Analyst; Roy Salvador, Hardware & Network Engineer; Randy Sanglay, R&D/RDBMS Manager; Sheryll Sale, MRS Software Engineer; Rhed Rodelas-Uriarte, GIS Software Engineer

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