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25 June, 2008

Davao Takes the Reins: DCRPTACP Final Report and Turn-Over Ceremony

After the much anticipated first quarter online implementation of the DCRPTACP, the City officials and Davaoeños alike are very eager to assess how the project has fared.  What has been achieved a year after the project was initiated in June 2007?  Is Davao City ready to assume the project’s management on its own? Was it worth the effort and investments?

As Chairperson of the DCRPTACP’s Project Management Board (PMB), Atty. Wendel Avisado presided over the Final Report and Turn-Over Ceremony last June 11, 2008, Wednesday, at the Conference Room of the Davao City Hall.  The program included the presentation of the project benefits and advantages already realized in the first quarter of implementation by the City Assessor and Treasurer, and Amellar’s turnover of the DCRPTACP Final Report and project management to City.

8 b pic2 529 Davao Takes the Reins: DCRPTACP Final Report and Turn Over Ceremony

Mr. Manuel Tabunda, Amellar CEO presented the project background and milestones.  Atty. Cesar Dataya, City Assessor, presented a report comparing the 2007 total assessed values (TAV) under the old system with the 2008 TAV under the Amellar RPTA© system.  The 2008 TAV increased by PhP3.4 Billion or almost 18% to PhP22.35 billion, from last year’s PhP18.95 billion TAV.

Atty. Dataya also informed the body that the Amellar RPTA© system has made the ongoing General Revision (GR) of Assessments much easier and faster.  The system allows the CAO to immediately predict the outcomes of the GR in terms of final TAVs and makes it easier for the CAO to come up with fair and accurate assessments of properties.  In fact, because of the Amellar RPTA© system, he discovered some shortcomings of the 2008 GR ordinance.  For example, it turns out that subdivisions have not been included in the City’s revised Schedule of Fair Market Values.  This and other findings have been included in the proposed supplement to the GR ordinance which he will recommend for approval of the Sanggunian.

8 b pic3 895 Davao Takes the Reins: DCRPTACP Final Report and Turn Over Ceremony

On the other hand, City Treasurer Rodrigo Riola focused on the status of 2008 real property tax collectibles and actual first quarter collections in his presentation.  Emphasizing the importance of foresight and planning in revenue generation, he gave a detailed breakdown of Davao’s current year collectibles, which amounts to PhP556 million.  He proudly declared that as of March 31, 2008, his office has collected a gross amount of PhP314 million excluding the PhP8 million collections from Bunawan district office that is yet to be encoded.  This amount represents a PhP14 million increase over the same period collection in 2007 of PhP308 million.

He also lauded the innovations brought about by the new system.  He specifically mentioned the sophisticated statistical and management reports that validate the integrity of the collection process, and the data query module that can generate reliable reports in a short time.  As he said, “with the new system, target setting and manpower allocation among district offices won’t be bloody anymore.”

8 b pic4 626 Davao Takes the Reins: DCRPTACP Final Report and Turn Over Ceremony

The PMB was very pleased with the immediate benefits of the project and are looking forward to further increases in realty tax collections after the General Revision.

A ceremonial turnover of the project from Amellar to the PMB, with the submission of the Final Report, concluded the event.

8 b pic5 807 Davao Takes the Reins: DCRPTACP Final Report and Turn Over Ceremony

The Davao City Government was also represented by the following officials and staff: Hon. Maria Belen Acosta, Hon. Arnulfo Cabling, Hon. Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz, Ms. Rizalina Justol (City Accountant), Representative of Hon. Arnulfo Cabling, Ms. Yolanda Tablizo (Budget Officer), Mr. Alejandro Cal (State Auditor, COA RXI), Ms. Ramonita Cayoca (ICO-RD, BLGF RXI), Mr. Denton Siapno, (representative of Engr. Mario Luis Jacinto, OIC, City Planning & Devt Office), Atty. Marlisa Gallo (rep of Atty. Melchor Quitain, City Legal Officer), Mr. Marcelino Escalada (HRMO), Mr. Butch Lapiña (Project Coordinator), Mr. Victor Jesus Ranada III (Toril District Treas), from CTO – Ms. Marres Garol, Ms. Mariannie Lopoz, Ms. Ma. Luisa Golingan, Mr. Rico Pableo, Mr. Marlon Taguiang, Mr. Mizraim Pagkaliwagan and Mr. Louie Mejia, from CAO – Ms. Philamer Fuentes and Ms. Rosario Ipong, and some members of the local media.

In behalf of Amellar, also present were Mr. George Misa (Project Coordinator), Zaidi Ong, Reggie Lagno (Data Specialists), Richard Diansay (Network Specialist) and Jahmil Mabida (Partner Support Specialist).

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