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25 June, 2008

Amellar conducts FGDs with Tagaytay officials and end-users

Following the successful kick-off meeting that jump-started the Application Upgrade and Database Migration Project of the City, a series of focus group discussions with officials and end-users of concerned offices were conducted from June 11 to 12 and 17, 2008.

8 b pic4 940 Amellar conducts FGDs with Tagaytay officials and end users

The main purpose of the FGDs was to have an in-depth assessment of Tagaytay’s RPT and MRS operations, processes, policies, and practices, which in turn will serve as guide and inputs in the customization of the RPT and MRS software, formulation of recommendations for the streamlining and reengineering of the online assessment and collection processes, among others.

The FGD with MRS users was conducted on June 11 (afternoon) and attended by Elisa Amora and Sonia Vergara; For RPT Assessment users, the June 12 (morning) FGD was attended by Macaria Angcaya, Lourdes Esguerra, Dorotea Mojica, Leonardo Montenegro, and Rosalinda Siman; For RPT Collect users, Mary Ann Gua√Īezo, Carol Jorge, Alex Mendoza, Anisia Parra, and Winnie Ramos attended the FGD on June 12 (afternoon).

8 b pic3 495 Amellar conducts FGDs with Tagaytay officials and end users

The FGD for the Project Management Team was conducted on June 17.  The PMT, as recommended by Amellar is headed by the City Administrator and composed of various supervisors involved in the project to upgrade/migration the revenue generation systems of the City.  The PMT is expected to help ensure the smooth implementation of the Project, and effectively manage the transition from the old versions of the systems to newer, more advanced systems, and into more streamlined processes.  The composition (see accompanying organization chart) and functions of the PMT were finalized during the FGD.

Tagaytay City Revenue Systems Upgrade and Migration Project
8 b chart 100 Amellar conducts FGDs with Tagaytay officials and end users

Amellar also validated with the PMT the current RPTA workflow that was pieced together from previous FGDs with end-users.  The PMT concurred with Amellar’s recommended improvements in the workflow to facilitate faster and more efficient transactions. Finally, policy issues that were raised by end-users were presented to, and eventually resolved by, the PMT.

In the afternoon of June 17, another FGD was conducted with BPLS end-users.  Since the BPLS system was already migrated and upgraded in December 2007, the participants were asked to present technical support issues and other concerns.  Besides clarifying the issues raised, Amellar also used the occasion to determine future training needs of end-users.

The PMT FGD was attended by all members of the PMT except Assistant Assessor
Leonardo Montenegro, who was not available at that time. The BPLS FGD was attended by the ff: BPLO: Regina Lalap and Mila Fernandez; CTO-License: Elisa Amora, Sonia Vergara; EDPU: Rubilinda Perena

From Amellar:
Arlene Gella, Executive VP for Partner Support and Special Concerns; Allan Javier, SDD Manager; Tricia Oriel, Sr Partner Support Analyst; Roy Salvador, Hardware & Network Engineer

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