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20 May, 2008

Malolos FMPM: Getting off on the Right Foot

To jumpstart the FMPM project, Amellar sponsored a “Kick-off Meeting” on 05 May 2008 between Amellar’s Project Management Team and Malolos’ Department Heads and prospective system users.  Amellar believes that the project should get off on the right foot by starting with getting to know our new partners in Malolos City.

To help ensure the success of the FMPM and all our other projects, Amellar incorporates change management strategies in all its project implementations.  Through the kick-off meeting, we assure clients that Amellar is not merely a technology provider, but a partner in good governance and in helping Malolos to leverage IT for raising revenues, improving management and internal operations, promoting transparency and accountability, and delivering efficient services to the public.  Amellar is committed to involving Malolos, as a full partner, in every stage of the project.  The kick-off meeting aims to familiarize primary project stakeholders with the Amellar systems to facilitate the eventual transition from manual to computerized operations.

The event took place at the Sangguniang Panlungsod Session Hall and started with an invocation led by City Information Officer, Mr. Juvic Degala, followed by the introduction of Amellar by its Marketing Manager, Ms. Rachelle Consul with an overview of Amellar’s track record.  Amellar’s EVP, Ms. Arlene Gella then introduced Amellar’s FMPM implementation team, which is led by Amellar-Malolos Project Manager, Ms. Cristy Palma, Software Manager Mr. Allan Javier, Ms. Michelle Sanglay, Mr. Efren De Guzman, Mr. Elvin Matabang, Mr. Vincent Vicente, Mr.Eric Memoracion, and Mr. Roy Salvador.

8 b pic1 819 Malolos FMPM: Getting off on the Right Foot

Likewise, Malolos participants were introduced by Legal Officer, Atty. Jeffrey Cruz.  Those present were: Ms. Neneth Nicolas and Ms. Heidi Vendivil from the Mayor’s Office; Ms. Lydia Marquez and Mr. Heradeo Capule, Jr. from the City Assessor’s Office; Mr. Anthony Mendoza from the Budget Office; Mr. Jonathan Tolentino from the HRMO; and Ms. Marites Francisco from the Treasurer’s Office.  Malolos IT Consultant, Mr. Ed Lucero, as well as City Architect Aaron Solis and Planning Officer Engr. Gaudencio A. Carlos were also in attendance.

8 b pic2 545 Malolos FMPM: Getting off on the Right Foot

Following the introductions was the presentation of Amellar’s project timeline and project deliverables by Amellar Project Manager Ms. Cristy Palma. She also presented the pre-mobilization requirements of Amellar, highlighting the importance of the formation of a counterpart Project Management Board and Technical Working Group (TWG) by Malolos.

Atty. Cruz and Mr. Degala took note of the requirements and drafted the creation of the Malolos FMPM Project Management Board for the Mayor’s approval.

8 b pic4 346 Malolos FMPM: Getting off on the Right Foot

The event culminated with Amellar’s presentation of its systems for implementation in Malolos, which consist of the RPTA, BPLS and GIS for Parcel Mapping Systems, and an open forum with users.

8 b Pic3 701 Malolos FMPM: Getting off on the Right Foot

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