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15 May, 2008

Malolos City is Amellar’s 47th LGU client.

Being true to its historical heritage as the site that led to the establishment of the First Philippine Republic, making the country the first republic in Asia, the City of Malolos, the capital city of Bulacan and the seat of the provincial government braves its way to another monumental project in the City’s governance by embarking on electronic governance or e-governance with its Fiscal Modernization Program of Malolos City or FMPM.

8 b picture1 974 Malolos City is Amellar’s 47th LGU client.

The FMPM leverages information technology to raise the City’s quality of service delivery, revenues, and transparency in governance, which is in line with Mayor Danilo Domingo’s goal to keep abreast with global trends and become part of the “e-generation.”

8 b picture2 292 Malolos City is Amellar’s 47th LGU client.

Malolos City’s groundbreaking FMPM attracted several vendors to bid, such as Amellar Solutions, FF Cruz, and Lexsys Technologies, Inc.

8 b picture3 500 Malolos City is Amellar’s 47th LGU client.

Of the three bidders, only Amellar passed all eligibility, technical and financial requirements, and was eventually declared as the single-rated highest qualified bidder.  Amellar also passed the City’s post-qualification test, which was led by a well respected IT Consultant in Malolos, Mr. Ed Lucero.  Together with some members of the Bids and Awards Committee, they conducted unannounced onsite visits to Amellar’s client sites to interview and observe Amellar’s project implementations.

8 b picture4 587 Malolos City is Amellar’s 47th LGU client.

With a favorable post-qualification report, Amellar was awarded the FMPM project on April 4, 2008.  The contract was signed on April 30, 2008 by Malolos City Mayor, Hon. Danilo A. Domingo and Amellar Solutions CEO, Manuel S. Tabunda. Malolos City Legal Officer, Atty. Jeffrey C. Cruz and Amellar Marketing Manager, Rachelle B. Consul signed as witnesses.

8 b picture5 899 Malolos City is Amellar’s 47th LGU client.

Gracing the event were Malolos Staff and Department Heads (from left to Mayor Domingo): Mayor’s secretary, City Engineer Ricasol Millan, City Assessor Leonora Resolis, City Information Officer Juvic Degala, City IT Consultant Ed Lucero, City GSO Reynaldo S. Garcia and City Legal Officer Atty. Jeffrey Cruz. Amellar was also well-represented by its Project Management Team that included (from right to Mr. Manuel Tabunda): Efren De Guzman, Vincent Vicente, Mila Obligar, Eric Memoracion, Project Manager Cristy Palma, Elvin Matabang, Rachelle Consul and Amellar EVP Arlene Gella.

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