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27 March, 2008

Davao RPT Collections Increase by 46.1% after 2 months of Amellar System Implementation

At the first working day of 2008, online implementation of Davao’s Amellar RPTA system went full blast.  The online implementation was preceded by months of preparation such as database construction, training, policy consultations and adjustments, planning workshops with City officers, and test-runs – which were jointly conducted by Davao and Amellar staff.  The online RPTA system processes realty tax payments and assessment transactions from thousands of taxpayers, -faster, better, and with more accuracy and transparency.

8 b davao2 735 Davao RPT Collections Increase by 46.1% after 2 months of Amellar System Implementation

The Davao City Real Property Tax Administration Computerization Project (DCRPTACP), Amellar’s first RPTA project in Mindanao, integrates the appraisal and assessment transactions, payments and other similar transactions for Davao City’s main and 11 remote district offices.

8 b davao3 494 Davao RPT Collections Increase by 46.1% after 2 months of Amellar System Implementation

After only two months of implementation, Amellar is proud that the objectives of the DCRPTACP are already being met. The original project objectives and current status are:

1. Improve tax collection efforts. Based on Davao’ City Treasurer’s Office – RPT Division’s Monthly Comparative Real Property Tax Collection reports, as of February 2008, the total real property revenues for the January to February period have increased by 46.1%, from P75.4 million in 2007 to P110.1 million this year. Based on District targets decided on during the Strategic Planning Conference, total collections for 2008 are expected to reach P896.3 million, or more than double the 2007 actual collection of P430 million.

2. Enhance revenue administration. Through the Amellar RPTA system, Davao officials and staff can now provide faster and more dependable electronic services to taxpayers. Generation of Statement of Account takes an average of one minute only and payments only take an average of two minutes. System validations were also put in place to ensure accuracy of data and also allow future data correction. Delinquencies, deficiency in data, and records pending at the Assessor’s Office, among others, are easily detected in the RPTS.

3. Link up RPTA operations of departments and district offices.  With Davao’s new CISCO-protected wide area network (WAN), the main office is now connected online to almost all of its 11 remote districts offices.  With the new WAN, the centralized RPT records are automatically updated after each transaction.  Real time data access, cross-data validation and referencing, data sharing, and data queries are now also possible.

4. Fast and reliable information for planning and enforcement of collection efforts and remedies.  The Amellar RPTA system allows fast mass production of notices, billings, statements of accounts, etc. to inform taxpayers of their tax obligations and privileges as well.

8 b davao4 335 Davao RPT Collections Increase by 46.1% after 2 months of Amellar System Implementation

Amellar will continue to provide onsite and offsite technical support during the first year of online implementation until January 2009. Currently, the following Amellar personnel are actively supporting the project onsite:  Manuel Tabunda, CEO and DCRPTAC Project Manager; Cristy Palma, Production Manager;  Software Engineers Michelle Sanglay, Jeff Roxas, Reymond Ong and Rachel Calixto; Randy Juan Sanglay, Database Administrator; Efren De Guzman, Data Production Coordinator; Richard Diansay, Hardware Technician; and Data Controllers; Reggie Lagno, Jahmil Mabida and Zaidi Ong.

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