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3 March, 2008

Aklan Undergoes RPTA Refresher Training

As part of the Aklan Revenue Generation Computerization Project (ARGCP), selected staff from the offices of the Treasurer and Assessor of the Provincial Government of Aklan, Municipalities of Kalibo, Malay, and New Washington, underwent the RPTA Refresher Training on February 12-15, 2008.

7 b pic1 340 Aklan Undergoes RPTA Refresher Training

The four-day training is designed to re-orient the end-users on major transaction modules and transactional reports, in preparation for the initiation of online slated on the 3rd week of February. The training consists of lectures, presentations, hands-on training and exercises.

7 b pic2 48 Aklan Undergoes RPTA Refresher Training

The training was facilitated by Tricia Oriel, Amellar Senior Partner Support Analyst, Frances Munar, Partner Support Specialist, and Rachel Calixto, Software Engineer.

7 b pic3 138 Aklan Undergoes RPTA Refresher Training

Seventeen participants from the Assessor’s Office completed the training, as follows: Michael I. Rebenito, Michael P. Estolas, Jommel R. Reyes, Jonebeth I. Aranas, Virgie B. Manikan, Mary Ann P. Malapit, Khristine V. Yasa (Province); Rolando J. Masinda, Marline T. Salazar, Joy G. Gervacio, Mary Jhoy A. Malonesio (New Washington); Erlinda T. Casimero, Gemma Teresa P. Mateo, Analisa A. Torres (Malay); Leslie R. Melgar, Consolita S. Lumio, Mila P. Tabason (Kalibo).

7 b pic4 401 Aklan Undergoes RPTA Refresher Training

The 14 participants from the Treasurer’s Office are as follows: Anelyn S. Molas, Jocelyn R. Reyes, Fita B. Candoleta, Ronelyn S. Dingal, Reba B. Concepcion (Province); Johna L. Bonifacio, Maritess C. Diestro (New Washington); Ma. Gloria O. Paloma, Felipe P. Delos Reyes, Demna P. Arcelis, Belma Rectra (Malay); Arcelie M. Aguirre, Rosalinda L. Balaguer and Lowella M. Favila (Kalibo).

7 b lastpic 280 Aklan Undergoes RPTA Refresher Training

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