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15 January, 2008

Urdaneta City Computerizes General Revision of Assessments

Amellar worked closely with the officers and staff of Urdaneta City’s Assessor and Treasurer’s offices to implement the Computerized General Revision (GR) of Real Property Assessments Project. The project team composed of City and Amellar representatives collaborated to complete the step-by-step procedures of the computerized GR and resolve various related data, system, and policy concerns.Online implementation of the new revised assessments started on January 2, 2008.

From August 2007, Amellar exercised overall supervision of the City’s RPTA and GR online implementation, including the updating of the payment and assessment digital records from December 2005; data preparation; entry of new schedule of assessment values; running of validation tools; computerized revision of its 50,540 RPUs in a month’s time; and actual running of the RPTA System’s GR module for all barangays.

In addition, Amellar delivered various training sessions for Urdaneta’s staff, such as the GR Training on September 17, 2007 which involved lectures, hands-on training, and exercises on adding/editing new schedule of values, validating of added schedule, running of GR, creation of billing, and generation of reports. Alfredo Angeles (LAOO I), Lourdes Fabro (Clerk II), Jesus Parayno (RCC I) of CAO attended this training.A Refresher Training for Tellers was also conducted on December 17-19, 2007, which was attended by Evangeline Domagas – (Casual), Teresa Zabala – (RCC I), and Juanin Flores – (RCC I).

Jester Erestain, Amellar Partner Support Specialist, provided training, GR support and online support to Urdaneta.

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