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8 January, 2008

Davao City Administrators Undergo Training

As part of the Davao City Real Property Tax Administration Computerization Project (DCRPTACP), selected staff from the offices of the City Treasurer, Assessor, and Accountant, underwent the training for RPTA System Administrators on December 3-6, 2007.

7 b pic1 717 Davao City Administrators Undergo Training

The four-day training is designed to capacitate the designated Overall System Administrator, Database, Hardware, and Application Administrators, in executing their specialized tasks. The training consists of lectures, presentations, hands-on training and exercises. It includes modules on change management; customer service; RPTA assessment and collection; utilities & reference tables; hardware, database, local area network, and CISCO administration; information analysis; reports generation and data conversion; correcting data deficiencies; and the Davao Extranet system, which includes the online request system, chat messaging, and online forum.

The training was facilitated by Arlene Gella, Amellar Executive VP for Partner Support and Special Concerns; Tricia Oriel, Senior Partner Support Analyst; Michelle Sanglay, Jeff Roxas, Reymond Ong, Software Engineers; and John Paul Orpilla, Amellar consultant on CISCO Technologies.

7 b pic4 354 Davao City Administrators Undergo Training

Those who completed the training are: Randy Quiachon, Philamer Fuentes, and Oscar Cabreros (Database Administrators from the City Assessor’s Office); Marlon Taguiang, Mizraim Pagkaliwagan (Hardware Administrators from the Treasurer’s Office,); Mariannie Lopoz, and Rodelio Velos (Application Administrators); and Rey Gunabe (Overall Administrator).

7 b pic3 291 Davao City Administrators Undergo Training

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