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31 January, 2008

Amellar supports Tagaytay’s BPLS Online for 2008

As business owners rush to Tagaytay City Hall to renew their business permits or apply for new businesses, Amellar worked hand in hand with Tagaytay staff (January 2-22) to ensure a smooth and hassle-free service starting from business application to billing and payment. Although Tagaytay has been online since 2003, it is only this year that they are implementing the upgraded and newest version of Amellar BPLS-GUI.

8 b pic1 152 Amellar supports Tagaytay’s BPLS Online for 2008

Amellar’s involvement in Tagaytay extends from the technology aspect to the design of the pre-approved renewal application system to make transactions for taxpayers faster. Business owners applying for renewal can now readily get their mayor’s permit, subject to inspection at a later time and supported by an Affidavit of Undertaking which will give them 15 days to fulfill other requirements. Together with the one-stop shop scheme implemented by Tagaytay during peak periods, taxpayers are able to finish their business transactions1 in an hour, with their application, billing, and payment transactions, and securing of Mayor’s permit coursed through the Amellar BPLS system taking less than 15 minutes.

8 b pic2 830 Amellar supports Tagaytay’s BPLS Online for 2008

On top of this, a Treasurer’s Module is now included in the system which flags records with business taxes lower than last year. These are subject to approval and further verification of gross sales by the Treasurer to ensure a steady increase in revenues for the City and the discovery of under declaration of gross sales. The declared gross sales appearing in the system-generated billing statement are also used as reference in computing community tax. Finally, a runner which transmits the application forms from the taxpayer to the biller and back is also designated to minimize taxpayer-biller contact and possible collusion.

8 b pic3 108 Amellar supports Tagaytay’s BPLS Online for 2008

From January 2-28, 109 businesses have applied for new applications, 841 for renewal, and 18 for partial/full retirement of their businesses. Using the new BPLS system, Tagaytay registered a total of P17.5 million in business revenues, an increase of almost P3 million from last year’s P14.6 million collection for the same period.
[1] Business transactions involved filling up the application for new/renewal/retirement, the securing of the sanitary permit, locational clearance, liability insurance, fire safety permit, barangay clearance, lessor/lessee permit, cedula, tax clearance for realty taxes, among others, the entry of new applications or renewal of permit through the system, billing, payment, and securing of Mayor’s permit.

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