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5 December, 2007

Amellar Conducts RPTA/BPLS-GUI Users’ Training for Tarlac City

In connection with the Software Application Upgrade and Database Migration Project of Tarlac City, Amellar delivered the Users’ Training Module for RPTA & BPLS end-users from 20-23 November (RPTA) and 27-29 (BPLS), at the Arts & Trades Gallery, Tarlac City Hall. End-users, mostly current users of the old, CLI version of the RPTA/BPLS system, were oriented on the new & improved version of the system through presentations and hands-on exercises.

9 b training2 737 Amellar Conducts RPTA/BPLS GUI Users’ Training for Tarlac City

The topics covered in the four-day RPTA training included Adding/Editing/Viewing FAAS, Transactions, and Printing notices, certifications, and other useful reports. For the BPLS Training, participants were taught how to Add/Edit/View Business Records, Post payments, Transact new/renewal/retirement business applications, Bill & print SOA, and transact payments.

9 b training5 517 Amellar Conducts RPTA/BPLS GUI Users’ Training for Tarlac City

The training was facilitated by Amellar’s staff, including: Tricia A. Oriel, Senior Partner Support Analyst and Frances Munar-Cuenta, Partner Support Specialist.

Participants included:

City Treasurer’s City Treasurer’s Office
1. Balilia, Alma V. 1. Bautista, Rowena N.
2. Bayona, Pierro M. 2. Cachero, Zenaida C.
3. Bonete, Vicky C. 3. Capulong, Lito M.
4. Bulaon, Rowena I. 4. De Jesus, Marites B.
5. Dela Cruz, Lynn Paz T. 5. Ico, Niño S.
6. Herrera, Ma. Rhodora A. 6. Jimenez, John John L.
7. Jimenez, John John L. 7. Marquez, Vlademir A.
8. Manalili, Melchor C. 8. Muñoz, Edith D.
9. Marquez, Vlademir A. 9. Osias, Osailler Mario B.
10. Mendoza, Precila D. 10. Pulido, Lucila A.
11. Roque, Jay S 11. Santos, Brendalyn B.
City Assessor’s Office Business Permits and Licensing Division
1. Aguilar, Wilbert C. 1. Flores, Rolando A.
2. Cureg, Alicia F. 2. Gatpolintan, Arlene V.
3. Gamboa, Lolita G. 3. Ledesma, Lorina V.
4. Landingin, Nicostrata S. 4. Palara, Alfonso V.
5. Lapitan, Agnes D. 5. Tan, Rozena D.
6. Magsino, Wilson E. 6. Tañedo, Angelina A.
7. Manalang, Michael C. 7. Tayag, Agnes P.
8. Opolento, Helen C.
9. Soliman, Edwin T.
10. Taala, Myrna P.
11. Taala, Troadio T.
12. Valencia, Antonio C
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