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4 November, 2007

Amellar Conducts System Administrators’ Training for 5 LGUs

Amellar delivered the enhanced and expanded Training Module for System Administrators from Oct 24-26, 2007, at the Stonehouse Bed & Breakfast Conference Area for participants from the Province of Aklan, Municipalities of New Washington, Malay, Aparri, and Nasugbu. The module consisted of lectures, presentations, and hands-on exercises on topics designed to equip System Administrators with both hard skills and soft skills needed to make them more effective and efficient in their new assignments.

7 b pic1 219 Amellar Conducts System Administrators Training for 5 LGUs

The topics covered in the 2 ½ day training included, Change Management, Customer Service, Overview of System Administration, Scope of Authority and Tasks of a System Administrator, and Taxation Principles. On the technical side, Amellar delivered lectures and facilitated hands-on exercises on Configuring Reference & Utility Tables, Reports Conversion and Troubleshooting, Information Analysis, System and Data Troubleshooting Guidelines, Database Administration, and Hardware and Network Administration. Since the System Administrators also act as liaisons with Amellar, they were also oriented on the web-based Amellar Transaction Request System (ATRS) to facilitate the reporting of service requests.

7 b 1 299 Amellar Conducts System Administrators Training for 5 LGUs

The training was facilitated by Amellar’s staff, including: Arlene Q. Gella, Amellar Executive Vice-President; Tricia A. Oriel, Senior Partner Support Analyst; Frances Munar-Cuenta, Partner Support Specialist; Randy Juan Sanglay, RDBMS/R&D Manager; Roland Traqueña and Roy Salvador, Systems and Network Engineers.

Participants included:

    Province of Aklan

  • Ma. Victoria A. Salido
  • Michael P. Estolas
  • Rey C. Villaruel
  • Michael I. Rebenito
  • Gene Gerald C. Trieste
  • Municipality of New Washington, Aklan

  • Miralyn T. Alomajan
  • Rolando J. Masinda
  • Johna I. Bonifacio
  • Luzbella R. Genaca
  • Municipality of Malay, Aklan

  • Ma. Gloria O. Paloma
  • Analisa A. Torres
  • Roger D. Barbin
  • Luzbella R. Genaca
  • Municipality of Aparri, Cagayan

  • Ramil O. Candido
  • Joseph M. Organo
  • Marvin V. Danao
  • Jardine D. Velasco
  • Igor Tesoro
  • Municipality of Nasugbu, Batangas

  • Robert C. Gonzales
  • Robin Abasolo
  • Susan V. Tumbaga
  • Juanita De Leola
  • Carmela O. Bascuguin

7 b pic2 755 Amellar Conducts System Administrators Training for 5 LGUs

Overall, the training was well-received by participants. On a scale of 1 to 5, the trainers/facilitators got an over-all average of 4.40. With regards to training objectives, the participants gave an average of 4.52, indicating that their program objectives have been met. Whereas on the general administration of the training – covering pre-training evaluation, suitability of training schedule, food, and facilities, and allotted time for each activity, participants rated this an average of 4.43. Participants gave an average of 4.38 for the relevance of the topics, indicating that the participants were generally satisfied with the way the topics were presented.

7 b pic5 95 Amellar Conducts System Administrators Training for 5 LGUs

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