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18 October, 2007

Davao District Officers Converge to Plan for Revenue Generation through DCRPTACP

From September 26 to October 9, 2007, District Officers from the City Government of Davao underwent a 10-day intensive training on Local Taxation Principles, Planning and Implementing E-Government, Customer Service and Change Management, RPTA system usage, Information Analysis, and Strategic Planning.

7 b pic2 673 Davao District Officers Converge to Plan for Revenue Generation through DCRPTACP

On the first day of the Training, Twenty District Assessors, Treasurers, and Division Heads listened to Mr. Manuel S. Tabunda, Amellar CEO and also one of the framers of the 1991 Local Government Code, shared relevant principles of Local Autonomy and Local Taxation as embodied in the 1991 LGC. Participants got the chance to review some legal principles on appraisal and tax assessment and collection.

On September 27, Mr. Tabunda then spoke about Strategies on Re-inventing Government. He contrasted “cataclysmic” strategies on re-inventing government with some incorrect mindsets and local practices. These are “Funding outcomes instead of inputs”, “Empowering rather than serving”, “Earning rather spending”, “From hierarchy to participation and teamwork”, among others.

7 b mst 953 Davao District Officers Converge to Plan for Revenue Generation through DCRPTACP

Mr. Tabunda also gave an extensive lecture on how E-Government can be utilized by Local Governments as an effective tool for Local Revenue Generation.

Amellar made sure that District Officers also have a grasp of the RPTA system. From October 1-3, they were taught how to navigate through the various transaction modules of the RPTA system. They also put their new skills to the test through hands-on exercises.

7 b pic1 959 Davao District Officers Converge to Plan for Revenue Generation through DCRPTACP

For the next two days, the District Officers then undertook a seminar-workshop on Information Analysis and Knowledge Discovery. They were given reports on Assessment and Delinquency which where derived from encoded assessment and payment records in the RPTA system. They analyzed the data given to them and presented their outputs on the afternoon of October 5, 2007.

As culmination to the 10-day training, the District Officers were then guided to formulate their very own Strategic Plans. They went through 4 of the 6 steps in formulating a Strategic Plan: (1) Review of existing Vision, Mission, and Goals of Davao City, CAO, and CTO, (2) Internal Assessment and Environment Analysis through a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis, (3) Goal-setting, and (4) Preparation of Strategic Plan. Steps 5-6 are Implementation and Evaluation, which will be done by the District Officers themselves and other Davao City Officers and Personnel.

Assistant City Assessor Flores and Assistant City Treasurer Jardin attended the panel review of the District Officers’ Strategic Plans on October 9, 2007 and formally closed the 10-day training/workshop.

Mr. Manuel Tabunda, Amellar CEO, Ms. Arlene Gella, Amellar VP, Tricia Oriel and Michelle Ugaban, Amellar Trainers, and Davao Trainers facilitated the training.

7 b pic4 918 Davao District Officers Converge to Plan for Revenue Generation through DCRPTACP

Trainees/Participants are as follows:

Assessor’s Office

  1. Emily De Guzman – LAOO I/District Assessor of Toril
  2. Carlito Wamelda – Taxmapper IV/District Assessor of Tugbok
  3. Reynaldo Dumadag – LAOO IV/District Assessor of Bunawan
  4. Juan Tolegida, Jr. – LAOO I/District Assessor of Calinan
  5. Concepcion Reyes LAOO III- CAO
  6. Ricardo Bautista – LAOO III – Toril
  7. Alvin Secretaria – Draftsman II – CAO
  8. Myrna Hernandez – Statistician II – CAO
  9. Randy Quiachon – Computer Programmer III – CAO

Treasurer’s Office

  1. Conrado Lapido – LTOO IV/Chief of Real Property Tax Division
  2. Apolonio Aloy – LTOO IV/District Treasurer of Marilog
  3. Rosalinda Bangcas – District Treasurer of Calinan
  4. Eduardo Hofileña – District Treasurer of Tugbok
  5. Cecilia Ipong – LTOO III/OIC – District Treasurer of Agdao
  6. Emelyn Taoy – LRCO II/Acting District Treasurer of Baguio
  7. Bella Linda Tanjili – LTOO IV/District Tresurer of Talomo
  8. Elizabeth Alaba – District Treasurer of Bunawan
  9. Teresita Reyes – Treasury Operations Review Unit, CTO
  10. Catalino Bolo, Jr. – Chief, Business Tax and License Division, CTO
  11. Marilyn Jopia – LRCO II/OIC – Cash Receipts Division, CTO
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