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16 September, 2007

Davao Personnel undertake RPTA End-Users’ Training

The RPTA Training for the 1st batch of end-users was successfully done from Sept 3-7, 2007. This five-day training was conducted by Amellar Solutions Trainers in partnership with Davao City Trainers. Simultaneous trainings were held for participants from the Assessor and Treasurer’s Office on the various modules of the RPTA system.

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On the first day of the training, all the participants were ushered into one room to listen to City Treasurer Rodrigo S. Riola deliver an overview of the project as well as an inspirational talk for all participants.When the two groups were ushered to their respective rooms, Mr. Conrado Flores, Assistant City Assessor, likewise delivered an inspirational talk to the participants from the Assessor’s Office.

One of the highlights of the training was the participation of the eleven trainer-trainees who undertook the RPTA Training from July 31-Aug 15, 2007. They delivered some of the topics like Journey to Computerization, Online Payments, and Assessment Transactions. Aside from being effective trainers, they connected well with the participants, some of whom were their own officemates.

From Days 1-4, the trainees were given lecture and hands-on exercises on the various modules of the RPTA system. On the last day, they were grouped into nine groups and performed simulated transactions involving the coordination of the two participating offices.

Mr. Butch Lapiña, DCRPTACP Project Coordinator, presented a challenge to the end-users on the last day: that every end-user has a great influence to the overall success of the Project.

Finally, the City Treasurer and the Assistant City Assessor closed the Training with an inspiring message. They also awarded the top trainees, two from the Treasurer’s Office, one from the Assessor’s office, and the best group. Group 9, composed of two personnel from the Treasurer’s Office and one from the Assessor’s Office, bagged the award.

Two more batches of Davao personnel will be trained on Sept 10-14, and 17-21, 2007. A special training on Information Analysis will be given on the last week of September and will be attended by Davao District Assessors, Treasurers, Division Chiefs, and other City managers.

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