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16 March, 2007

Strategic Planning Conference Well-received

At the end of the two-day Strategic Planning Conference for Real Property Tax Generation, participants evaluated the trainers/facilitators based on how effective they were in getting the principles of Strategic Planning Principles across, on the effectivity of the methods they’ve employed in delivering the topics, and in their ability to relate the topic with their functions in their respective departments.

Likewise, the Training Program Objectives, the Presentation of Topics, and the Administration were also evaluated.

On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest, Amellar personnel composed of Arlene Gella, Consultant, Allan Javier, SSD Manager, Rachel Calixto, Software Engineer, Tricia Oriel, Assistant to the SSD Manager, and Frances Munar-Cuenta, Systems Support Specialist, received the following evaluation:

For the individual evaluation, the trainers/facilitators received an overwhelming positive response from the participants at an average of 4.6%.

Participants also had their objectives met. For the Training Objectives Evaluation, the participants rated Amellar at an average of 4.8%.

On a per topic evaluation, it can be said that the participants were satisfied with the way the topics were presented. For the presentation of the Overview of Strategic Planning, SWOT Analysis, Profile of Tax Collectibles and Delinquencies, Goal/Target Setting, Strategic Planning, the participants gave an average of 4.8%.

As for the general administration of the training – covering pre-training evaluation, suitability of training schedule, food, and facilities, and allotted time for each activity, participants gave an average of 4.8% evaluation.

Strategic Planning Conference for Real Property Tax Generation
Training Evaluation

I. The Facilitators
Arlene Allan Tricia Rachel Frances
The trainer maintained an environment conducive to learning and participation. 4.63 4.59 4.54 4.50 4.54
The trainer explained the concepts clearly and audibly. 4.56 4.71 4.62 4.33 4.65
The trainer used relevant examples to support his/her ideas. 4.68 4.52 4.32 4.24 4.52
The trainer was able to relate the topic with my department’s functions. 4.69 4.58 4.50 4.60 4.55
The trainer used presentation aids well. 4.62 4.76 4.62 4.60 4.60
The trainer exhibited ample knowledge of the topics discussed. 4.72 4.57 4.50 4.50 4.58
The trainer was able to answer intelligently all my questions regarding the topic being discussed. 4.72 4.61 4.48 4.53 4.58
4.66 4.62 4.51 4.47 4.57
II. Training Program Objectives
The objectives were clearly stated and easily understood. 4.85
Program objectives were met. 4.81
Training program met my personal expectations. 4.85
Program is relevant to my job. 4.81
The following contributed to achieving the learning program objectives.
Audio-visual materials. 4.85
General discussions with fellow participants. 4.85
Individual/Work Group activities. 4.88
III. Presentation of Topics
Overview of Strategic Planning. 4.85
SWOT Analysis. 4.81
Profile of Tax Collectibles and Delinquencies. 4.85
Goal/Target Setting. 4.81
Strategic Planning. 4.85
IV. Administration
Pre-training information was adequate/helpful. 4.77
Training schedule was suitable. 4.69
Time alloted for various activities was appropriate. 4.77
Facilities were suitable. 4.88
Food was satisfactory. 4.73
Administrative support was helpful. 4.69
V. Other comments/suggestions
1 Attending the seminar made me realize that to be united in our goals is the best way to achieving them.
2 Good job! Congrats.
3 Hope to see ya guys soon! Thanx a lot!
4 Very good presentation.
5 Thank you and God bless.
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