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For eighteen years and counting, Amellar has remained committed to its advocacy in helping local governments realize and achieve greater financial independence, administrative efficiency, better public service, and global competitiveness through E-Government Read more »

Amellar proudly congratulates Engr. Gregorio Monreal, Tagaytay’s City Assessor, and Ms. Elvira Reyes, City Treasurer, for receiving awards for excellence in revenue generation from the Bureau of Local Government and Finance. Read more »

On 11/10/11 and 11/11/11 – auspicious dates for most – Amellar Solutions were in Calamba City again to conduct training for the City’s Task Force who will handle business mapping. A total of 40 participants participated in the Training which was held at the CTMO Conference Room. Read more »

In preparation for the completion of Calamba City’s MRES Project, Amellar is conducting successive training activities to help the city transition smoothly into a computerized environment. Read more »

As part of the Modernizing Revenue Enhancement System (MRES) Project of the City of Calamba and Amellar, selected staff from the offices of Business Permit & Tricycle Franchising Office (BPTFO) and City Treasury Management Office (CTMO) underwent Training for the newest versions of the Amellar Business Permit & Licensing System© Read more »

Inside the sprawling conference room of Calamba’s Regional DILG Office, the management and implementation teams of both Amellar and Calamba officially convened for the first time since the project’s launching. This time around, Amellar Solutions presented an Inception Report before the PMB and TWG*, which highlighted delivered items, findings on the process flows, encoding status, and the next immediate activities. Read more »

To facilitate better transition of Calamba to their new revenue generation systems, Amellar Solutions held focus group discussions (FGD) with officers and staff from the Bureau of Permits and Tricycle Franchising Office (BPTFO), City Assessment Office (CAO), and City Treasury Management Office (CTMO). Read more »

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